Constellation of the Month: Leo the Lion

David Baumgartner writes that Leo is one of the easiest to recognize in the night sky.

This article was contributed by David Baumgartner as part of a local series on astronomy.

This month we come to another bright constellation, Leo the lion. It is one of the easiest to recognize, mainly because it looks like a lion, or at least you can imagine it that way. The brightest star in this constellation is Regulus, the lion’s heart. Above it is a C-shaped curve of stars, his mane and head, which is facing to the right in the sky.

There is a considerable gap where his back should be, and then you come to a large triangle of fairly bright stars, they represent the end of his back, legs and tail. Leo is another constellation of the zodiac, that is, the ecliptic passes through it. Regulus is very close to the ecliptic, so the moon and planets pass near it and sometimes even in front of it. The most interesting star in this constellation is Algieba, which is actually a double star. If you have a telescope you can make it out vary distinctly.

I enjoy all the calls I get from the readers of this column with their questions. I try to answer them the best I can. There are some really good imaginations out there. The most frequent question I hear is, “What telescope should I buy?” My answer: Don’t just jump at the first one you see. Do your homework before you buy. Check out size, cost and type. Talk to as many people you can who have already bought one. In the long run you will be glad you did.

Clear skies.

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