County fair earns 16 awards

Western Fairs Association awards 14 first-place, two second-place awards

The San Benito County Fair, operated under the 33rd District Agricultural Association, will receive 16 achievement awards at the annual Western Fairs Association convention in Reno in January. 

"The San Benito County Fair is a tradition deeply rooted in the heritage of agriculture, community, education, and entertainment in our area," said stated Donnette Silva Carter, fair manager/CEO. "2014 was an inspiring year of new offerings, new collaborations, and reaching new heights of community support for our youth exhibitors. We are excited to share these results, and we thank everyone partnering in the efforts which brought about this recognition and the successes achieved this year." 

Of the fair's 16 awards in the Small Fairs Class, 14 are first-place honors: 

Television Advertising/Television Ad Series; Outdoor Advertising; Newspaper Ad-Color Print; Other Advertising Piece; Fairtime Advertising Poster; Fairtime Commemorative Poster; Fairtime Program/Schedule; Printed Fair Souvenir Program; Fairtime Innovative Marketing Strategy or Concept; 2nd Fair/Fairgrounds-Sponsored Event Concept; Sponsorship; New Community Outreach Program; Theme Program; and, Interim Events.

The fair will receive two second-place honors for Radio Advertising/Radio Ad Series and Inspiring Collaborations.

The Western Fairs Association is a nonprofit trade association serving more than 800 members in the western United States and Canada. It represents fair-related businesses, fair management, fair board directors, festivals and industry associations. 

BenitoLink Staff