Information provided by the San Benito County Elections Department

The San Benito County Recorder office is proud to introduce Records Management Fraud Notify, an automated alert subscription, of recorded documents with county constituents’ information.

The alert subscription will automatically send out an email with a detailed report of the potential fraud activity on a regular basis once the recording is verified. The email can be used to determine if an act of fraud has been committed or if the recording is valid.

“Fraud Notify is a longtime coming benefit and service to San Benito County property owners. The program provides peace of mind and assurance for any recorded documents that include the owners’ information,” said Francisco Diaz, County Clerk-Recorder.

Fraud Notify is free to all and is on a self-enrollment and open to all San Benito County residents. Residents will need a few pieces of information to complete the enrollment including first and last name, business name, or parcel number.

“We are providing all county residents the ability to protect themselves against property fraud at no cost to them by simply subscribing to our program,” said Jaqueline Taylor, lead Recorder.

Multiple alerts can be added to any one email in the case that the resident has multiple properties in the County of San Benito. The information that can be viewed from the residents’ point of view will include all indexed data.

The steps to sign up are listed below:

  1. Visit – Register for an account.
  2. You will then receive an activation email to confirm your registration.
  3. Register for a Grantor Name (Individual and Business) and Parcel ID (without the dashes). Multiple alerts may be set up.
  4. Fraud Notify is scheduled to send notifications at 6 PM nightly and will only send out an email if there is an alert.

“Preventing property fraud is a top priority for the San Benito County Clerk-Recorder’s Office. This program protects everyone in our community, especially our vulnerable senior population,” said Taylor.

If you are interested in receiving an email with the registration link, please give us a call at 831-636-4029 or email us at