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County receives complaints about public employee political activity

SBC said no evidence has been found that county employees, who are prohibited from such activities in their official capacity, have been involved in recent calls.

Information provided by the County of San Benito.

The County of San Benito has received reports from several complaints regarding callers identifying themselves as county employees asking the them to vote in favor on items in the current election.

According to a recent press release, the county has found no evidence that its employees are involved in any of these reports. County employees are prohibited from such activities in their official capacity.

The county reminds residents that all county employees received a copy of the Political Activity Policy as a refresher. This policy is reinforced in both the Personnel Rules and Regulations and the Electronic Communications policy as well as the Personnel Ordinance.

If a resident receives one of these calls in the future, they are encouraged to note date, time and if they have caller ID, note the number that the call was received from. Those seeking more information or wishing to make report about a phone and/or robocall can visit:

BenitoLink Staff