Dr. Benedict Carota. Photo by Leslie David
Dr. Benedict Carota. Photo by Leslie David

Information provided by the Office of Dr. Benedict Carota  


In a letter to his patients dated June 30, Dr. Benedict Carota said he will be retiring on Oct. 1. He also announced he will be replaced by Dr. Sayuj Paudel. Patients can contact Dr. Carota or his replacement, Dr. Paudel  at 637-1655.


The letter follows: 

Dear patient: 

Please be advised that after nearly 40 years of service here in Hollister, I have decided to retire effective October 1, 2021. I will truly miss all of you and will see you around town, I am sure, as my wife and I are planning to stay in this community. 

For continuity of care, I have made arrangements with Primary Care Associates including Ray Kusumoto, PA, Arminda Tolentino, M.D. and Kenneth Jiang, M.D to assume my practice by placing Dr. Sayuj Paudel, a board-certified internist, in our office fulltime beginning early October, 2021 Dr. Paudel received his medical degree from the Kathmandu Medical College in Nepal and finished his training in internal medicine 10 years ago at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, which is affiliated with Yale University, New York Medical College and the University of Vermont. His interests are in acute care, hospital follow-up, hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, migraines and both preventive and hospice care.  

I find Dr. Paudel’s qualifications nicely overlap the vast majority of my patients, except for the pediatric patients. The plan is to have a Physician’s Assistant trained in Pediatrics accompany Dr. Paudel in our office, or offer care with Dr. Anita Tolentino-Macaraeg, pediatrician, and her pediatric nurse practitioners, Amy Bailey and Marie Spencer. 

 I strongly endorse Dr. Paudel and Primary Care Associates to fulfill your medical needs, but will provide your medical records at 20 cents per page to you if you desire care with an alternate provider. After September 30, 2021 Hazel Hawkins Hospital will become custodian of my records which would be obtained at the medical records department of that facility.  

Dr. Paudel will be spending time with me in September to introduce him to my patience and familiarize him with our practice. Appointments made for care beyond September 30th will be assigned to him unless otherwise indicated by the patient. 

I hope these arrangements offer you minimal inconvenience and wish you continued excellent health in years to come. 


Benedict T Carota, M.D.