Drought affecting farmers

Farmers facing challenges because of water woes

Why is California being drained of all of the water that it had before? The ongoing drought in California has drastically affected everything from agriculture to homeowners. Those who are really struggling are the farmers. Because of the water shortage, farmers have to raise the prices on their goods, which means the markets and grocery stores typically pas those costs on to consumers.

James Gabel, an agricultural consultant who majored in soil science, said that large cities are making it hard on the farmers because of the amount of water they use. Gabel also points out that while people are worrying about wildlife being endangered, they are overdoing the amount of water they use.

“Farmers are getting irritated with the larger cities because they are complaining about the raised prices on food, yet they are not conserving the water for the farmers,” Gabel said. Gabel says if people stop using gallon after gallon of water, it will help the farmers provide more food, lowering the cost at markets and grocery stores.