Eating with the Seasons brings local, organic food to customers

Local produce is easier to get than ever before with community-supported agriculture and Eating with the Seasons

Have you ever thought about the produce you get? Is it fresh? Organic? Local? Sometimes it can be hard to make sure that all of these boxes are checked by simply going to your preferred grocery store. But fear not. A local business is turning that doubt into a simple online ordering system with its CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Eating with the Seasons.   

The Herbert Family has had a farm in Hollister for four generations, producing organic produce. In 2000, Pat Herbert decided to create an easier way for consumers to get his produce directly. He wanted people to know where their food was coming from; thus, the CSA was born. 

In 2002, his daughter, Becky, joined the team and helped to grow the business to what it is today. With 120 pick-up locations spanning from Hollister north to San Rafael, Eating with the Seasons has more than 1,200 customers that receive fresh local produce each week. Typical pick-up sites include neighborhood sites, local businesses, and even larger companies such as Google and Microsoft, where fresh produce is delivered to employees.  

The CSA partners with many local organic farms to provide a wide array of produce, dairy, and meat options to satisfy every customer.  

Becky Herbert has been directing Eating with the Seasons for 15 years, and in 2016 she opened the Farmhouse Café in downtown Hollister. The café uses local produce and meat that you can get through the CSA, and sells local goods like fresh eggs, cheese and yogurt. In the kitchen she also prepares premade dips, soups and salads that she sells through the CSA.  

Becoming part of the CSA is simple.  Customers can go to, up for a weekly subscription and choose an order size based on how many people they wish to feed. Then, they can choose a pick-up location that is most convenient and select a payment plan. Once signed up, the customer gets to choose the goodies they want each week.

Herbert said she is proud of what her CSA has accomplished in the food industry.

"My goal with Eating with the Seasons is to provide an affordable way for people to get local organic food and also to give farmers an outlet to get their food to consumers," she said. 

In a time where you can get anything with the click of a button, Eating with the Seasons hopes to bring fresh food in the same way.