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The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office arrested fifty-three year old Debra Curtis of Hollister on March 3rd 2014 for taking an undisclosed amount of money she was entrusted with from the Baler Band Boosters Club. 


Curtis was appointed Treasurer of Baler Band Booster Club in July of 2013 and resigned in February of 2014.  According to police reports, Curtis was able to obtain an ATM card under the Baler Band Booster Club name and used it to make withdrawals and purchases for her own personal gain. 


Curtis came under suspicion of taking the money out of the booster account when a high school band director attempted to cash a check from the booster club. The bank refused to cash the check and requested the band director contact the booster club.  Eventually, the booster club discovered their money they raised through fundraisers and donations had alledgedly been emptied by Curtis.


San Benito County Sheriff’s Office Detective is still investigating the case and going over bank records to determine the exact amount of money alledgedly taken by Curtis.