Emmaus House is a nonprofit organization providing shelter and assistance to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Since opening in October 2006, we have served over 1,480 in need.

Our vision is to provide a safe harbor for women and their children seeking immediate relief form a threatening situation. In a secure and child-friendly environment, trained and nurturing staff support and assist a woman with her immediate concerns for safety, shelter, food and clothing. Emmaus House also has ongoing resources and access to communities for women in a time of transition. It is with your support that our community has this essential need resource. Help us continue to provide a safe haven for women and children, as they heal and get stronger.

Excerpt from a recent testimonial of the Emmaus House program:

I live in the Emmaus House. I will be exiting very soon, for good. I came in this house after being abused in so many ways-worst emotionally beaten. I had two abusers. I remember coming in the house thinking, “I am never going to smile again”… I felt like pond scum underneath a rock, no self-esteem for myself and needed help in the worst way. I was afraid, scared, and terrified, but made the call to the house and was accepted along with my daughter.

I came in here not who I usually am. Three years before, I had my own home, worked hard, laughed, smiled and even volunteered at several elementary schools. Without this house and the staff members, I know I wound not be where I am today. They were my backbone when I could not stand, my eyes and fingers when I cried and felt depleted and weak…Little by little I could stand tall with their help, support and guidance. I was able to push back and gave me back my self esteem.

I appreciate the safe haven I was given. I stand as a proud woman back where I was years ago…What a gift this house was and still is. Without it I am not sure where I would have been today. As with my fellow ‘sisters here at Emmaus House, we were all once broken, but now are like Oak trees when we leave. We have a solid foundation and with every piece of our life we get back, our branches grow and create. And yes we blossom and bloom.

Emmaus House is making a difference in women’s lives, but we can not do it with out your support.  Please join us now through May 16 for San Benito GIVES.  Your donation with ensure that our programs continue and we are here to provide a safe harbor for those in need of our services.

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For more information please visit www.emmaushouse.net.