Essential, but unprotected

SBC LULAC writes that the threat posed by the coronavirus is exacerbated for the farmworker community.

This article was contributed by San Benito County LULAC President Richard Perez Sr. 

Essential workers across the country are struggling to balance personal/family health with economic hardship during these uncertain times. Job losses, hunger, illness, childcare, housing and fear for the future put tremendous stress on families. Unfortunately, those stresses are taken out on the weakest members of our human family—the underrepresented migrant farmworker.

San Benito County League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) #2890 believes that it is the responsibility of all Americans to participate in better understanding and prevention of this disease affecting communities throughout the nation. But there are things we can all do to help everyone in danger.

In March, SBC LULAC launched the Farmworker Task Force amid farmworker concerns during the pandemic. Through this effort, the task force is dedicated to social and economic justice for all local and regional agricultural workers. (See PDF below for more)

SBC LULAC has diligently collected resources and information for the community during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Our resources can be downloaded and distributed freely, helping the public identify what is available in both Spanish and English. Our mission to advocate, educate, and save lives from irretrievable damage done in the spirit of cooperation with local, state, and private sector networks.

“Farmworkers are an essential part of the nation’s critically needed food supply, but somehow they are being forgotten,” said President Richard Perez Sr. “This human pandemic has no borders, no preferences, and no foreseeable conclusion. Being proactive with every family in every area will undoubtedly save lives. Emphasizing the enormity of this societal issue needs everyone’s unequivocal attention. We can, and will, reduce the impact by supporting agencies working on behalf of farmworking families. Doing what is right and moral is an immediate call to action.”

These are tough times. Let’s help make them easier for all those most at risk: advocate for those essential workers being left out of the mainstream media coverage. Support organizations like SBC LULAC 2890 in the community that put people first. Reducing COIVD-19 cases relies on information, prevention, protection, and care for everyone.

Richard Perez Sr, President
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(831) 665-2685 (cell)

Founding Member of SBC LULAC Council 2890
Farmworker Task Force Coordinator
Mickie Solorio Luna [email protected]

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