Exploring San Benito County | Bourdet Christmas Tree Farm


It’s an annual tradition for many,  picking out the perfect tree to kick off to the holiday season.  According to the National Christmas Tree Association, The Christmas Tree tradition dates back to 1510, when men in Latvia decorated and danced around the tree, then set fire to it. In the 1800s, German settlers brought the tradition of the Christmas tree to the United States where they began being sold commercially in 1851. 


 At Bourdet Christmas Tree Farm in Hollister, you can make it an outing with several festive offerings for holiday enjoyment.  Locals John and Tina Bourdet have been Christmas tree farming for about 20 years with 10 years at their current location on Los Viboras Road.


When you arrive you’ll be greeted by Santa himself who is jolly and loves taking pictures.  While choosing your tree, you’ll notice a nature walk with lots of Christmas trivia and after you have combed the rows and rows of trees and found that perfect one, you can have it flocked.  According to Mrs. Bourdet, flocked trees have been a popular variety this year and they offer full flock, tip flock and glitter options. This winter wonderland look will run you four dollars and fifty cents a foot.   You can choose from one of many pre-flocked trees or select one from the farm and have it flocked.  The latter will require another trip out to pick it up after it dries unless you choose Bourdet’s delivery option.


Bourdet’s  farms offers a lot more to enjoy than picking out the tree.  You can take a festive sleigh ride on a Christmas wagon pulled by a decorated red tractor.  The sleigh ride takes you through the farm while you enjoy the sounds of traditional Christmas music. There is also a fun play area for kids and picnic tables so you can pack a brunch or lunch to enjoy or pick up some lunch, coffee or snacks from the onsite snack bar.  Kids will also enjoy petting the animals brought out by FFA.


The employees have lots of tips and knowledge to share, such as Nicole Fortney who shares a tip for keeping your tree fresh as long as possible.  “Scraping some bark off along the area near the bottom of the trunk and making sure that the scraped area is covered with water will help your tree stay fresh throughout the season,” Fortney says.


For more photos click here. To visit Bourdett Christmas Tree Farm, take Los Viboras Road in Hollister. They are open daily 9am-8pm and Santa visits weekends 10-3pm. They can be reached by phone at (831) 636-1971.  

Christmas Trees are also available at Barone’s Christmas Trees at 1271 Hillcrest Road. They can be reached by phone at (831) 636-0913.