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Facebook group promotes public art

ARTI-Culture crew will host a pop-up rock painting party at the Farmers' Market this Wednesday

We all know that San Benito rocks, but did you know about the new Facebook group called "San Benito Rocks?" In an effort to engage the community with interactive and inclusive pop-up art projects, Rolan Resendiz and Joel Esqueda, owners of the new art studio, ARTI-Culture at the old Hazel Hawkins Hospital building on Monterey Street in Hollister, are at it again.

The duo are responsible for painting and creating a number of inspiring art projects in Hollister and San Benito County for a handful of years now, and have recently started a small business whose profits from privately-booked paint parties goes toward funding projects that have suggested donations or are free to the public.

Resendiz said of the business, “It isn’t about money, neither of us enjoy or revel in the exchange of monies, but we know that, ultimately, we need to make some in order to give some.”

Esqueda added, “We’re often asked to do things for free, and I would do anything for free, because I love to do it,” while, Resendiz noted, “In the end, we need to be able to feed ourselves.”

Over the past couple of months, these two, along with family and friends, have been hosting pop-up paint parties, some of which are open to the public and hosted at restaurants around town, “in order to provide exposure and create partnerships” said Resendiz.

These parties can seat anywhere from 10 to 50 people. They also book private parties and tend to have a great time with those groups. “The dynamic between the public and private groups are fun to watch," Resendiz said. "People really get involved with their work and with each other. It’s a beautiful thing to see."

Their art studio ARTI-Culture is now open and has a new and innovative twist to the payment system. “It’s an honor till,” Rolan said. “We went on a hike and visited Swanton Berry Farm and were really inspired by their confidence in the public. There’s isn’t someone hovering to take your money; you give because in this space. We’re all the same.”

The ARTI-Culture crew will be at the Farmers' Market this Wednesday in front of San Benito Bene setting up their new Pop-up Rock Painting Party, which is an interactive art project that asks the public to paint a rock and then take a photo of it, giving members of the Facebook group a hint at where that rock is. When other members of the community find the rock, they can take photos with it, remove it and hide it again, or just be thankful that they’re part of a growing art community in San Benito County.

For more information about paint parties, studio classes, and the pop-up rock painting party, visit



Rachelle Escamilla

Rachelle Escamilla is the host of "Out of Our Minds" on KKUP, author of "Imaginary Animal" and a columnist for Mission Village Voice.