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Fire in Tres Pinos burns hillside

Afternoon blaze apparently ignited by a torch; no structures burned

A fire that burned some dry grass on a hill in Tres Pinos on Tuesday afternoon apparently started behind the Strength Beyond Strength gym by a person who was welding.

Carlos and Shawna Castillo witnessed the blaze with their daughter from near the 19th Hole restaurant next door to the gym. Carlos told BenitoLink that "it was pretty scary getting the call that there was a fire next door." The 19th Hole and its out buildings are old and Castillo said the flames worried him.

The fire went straight up the hill to a pasture that Castillo said,"Has been grazed all summer and didn't have anything left in it to burn."

CalFire crews responded and sprayed the blaze with water and made sure there were no embers left.


BenitoLink Staff