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The San Benito Time Exchange (SBTE) and Aromas Grange are co-hosting a community potluck and movie, “Fixing the Future” at the Aromas Grange on Friday, January 31 at 6:00 pm.  SBTE is a free service exchange network in which members provide skills and services to one-another using time as a complementary currency.  The National Science Foundation (NSF) has funded a team of researchers at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), and the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) to conduct scientific research into time banking. Their goal is to understand time banking practices and the role that technology plays in enabling them and to develop new innovative technologies to make it much easier to do and more popular.  For further information regarding this service please contact SBTE at (831) 229-2319,   


According to its website, “In Fixing the Future", host David Brancaccio, of public radio’s Marketplace and NOW on PBS, visits people and organizations across America that are attempting a revolution: the reinvention of the American economy. By featuring communities using sustainable and innovative approaches to create jobs and build prosperity, “Fixing the Future” inspires hope and renewal in a people overwhelmed by economic collapse.  The film highlights effective, local practices such as: local business alliances, community banking, time banking/hour exchange, worker cooperatives and local currencies.”  More information about this movie can be found at