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From personal trainer to motherhood trainer

Hollister resident Brittany Renz’s new book “Girl, You Got This!” shows new mothers how to bring efficiency and healthy habits back into their lives.

Fitness has long been a passion of Hollister native Brittany Renz. She played three sports as a child, entered fitness competitions while attending college in Santa Barbara, and now works full-time as a personal trainer with over 70 clients, whom she views like her family.

“People call me the ‘Double T.’ I’m their therapist and their trainer,” Renz said. “When somebody sends me a picture of themselves and says, ‘This is the happiest I’ve been in years,’ that’s what makes my day.”

The local trainer can now take on a new title: author.

Renz’s recent book “Girl, You Got This!” offers advice in numerous areas, including fitness, diet, work, family, home maintenance and self-care. It also features instructions for meal prepping, recipes, a food log, and a step-by-step guide for mothers during all nine months of pregnancy. Although the book discusses pregnancy and focuses on expectant mothers, Renz said it offers something for everyone.

Before she was pregnant with her daughter Sophia Jo three years ago, Renz never imagined writing an entire book. But her friends and family noticed that the new mother triumphed through pregnancy and early motherhood, normally a stressful time for women.

“I always had a mind full of ideas,” she said, “but when I had Sophia people asked me so many questions like, ‘What did you eat? How did you work out? How are you caring for your new daughter?’ and that inspired me to write.”

When Renz was pregnant with her second child, the questions continued but took on a wider scope. People wondered how she survived eight-hour work days, managed her finances and still made time for romantic date nights with her husband.

Renz wrote off and on for the past three years while adapting to her new life by discovering tricks to maximize every hour of the day. She learned how to make a healthy, delicious meal in 12 minutes. She began to incorporate her daughter into her exercise regimen. All of this experience became the subject of her writing, which she hopes will inspire others to use their time wisely and live healthier lifestyles.

“Whether you’re doing squats while waiting on food in the oven, cutting corners by using frozen vegetables instead of fresh ones, or playing with your child by doing 30 push-ups with her sitting on your back, there are so many ways to be healthy in a time crunch,” she said.

“Many pregnant women immediately go to the couch and use their ‘pickles and ice cream’ excuse to eat,” she continued. “Being pregnant does not really change anything. Past the first trimester you may have some limitations on ab workouts, but as long as your doctor approves, any workout is better than none. My book features a diet and workout guide to help pregnant women.”

Life as a mother, wife, trainer, entrepreneur, and author has certainly kept Renz busy, but the hard work has been rewarding. She credits much of her success to her husband Holden.

“I’m very grateful for him,” she said. “He supports me and my crazy work hours.”

“Girl, You Got This!” is available at Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. Local readers can also get a 25% discount on the book if they use the code FF25 when purchasing from the MSI Press website.

Renz will do a public book signing on Saturday, Aug. 3 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Barnes & Noble,  6825 Camino Arroyo in Gilroy.



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