2019-2020 ASGC team
2019-2020 ASGC team

The article was contributed by Associated Students of Gavilan College President Mariam Hernandez Mendoza.

A significant number of students have been impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic. To help students in need, the Associated Students of Gavilan College (ASGC) has allocated $65,000 in a scholarship format to be distributed to eligible Gavilan College students impacted by COVID-19.

The scholarship application window ends on April 23.  You must apply to be considered for the scholarship. You will find the scholarship link in your Gavilan College email.

Remember, the ASGC, your student government representatives are committed to supporting all Gavilan College students in this precarious time.

How to Apply:

Complete the application. Check your Gavilan email.

Within the application:

Complete this statement: In 150 words or less, describe your experience as a Gavilan College student in the 2019-2020 Centennial Year. You will have the option, by selecting yes or no, to have your statement placed in a time capsule which will be buried on the Gavilan main campus and opened in 50 years. The time capsule is a project of ASGC President, Mariam Hernandez Mendoza, and ASGC team to celebrate Gavilan’s Centennial year.

Complete this statement: In 150 words or less, describe your need for this scholarship or how this scholarship will help you. This statement is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the selection committee. Your statement will not be buried in the time capsule.

While the scholarship amounts vary, please indicate a dollar amount―up to $200―to help you through this time.


How long do I have to apply? The application window closes on April 23 at 5 p.m.

Who is eligible? Any currently registered Gavilan College student.

How much money can I receive? The scholarship amounts vary up to a maximum of $200 per applicant.

How will I be notified? Notifications will be sent to the email address you provide.

When will I be notified? Notifications and awards will be sent by the second week of May  2020.


Gavilan College Educational Foundation

The need of students at Gavilan College is significant. In response, the Gavilan College Educational Foundation has launched a Student Emergency Fund. Please spread the word that family, friends, community members, organizations and businesses can help Gavilan College students by donating to the Gavilan College Educational Foundation today.