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Eighty-three Gavilan College students earned a place on the President’s Honor Roll for Fall Semester 2012. To be placed on the President’s Honor roll, a student must earn a 3.5 or higher grade point average in at least 15 units during a single semester. This honor is noted on students’ transcripts.

San Benito County students are listed by city of residence, below:

* Hollister: Katy Blease, Danielle Caltabiano, Joel Esqueda, Natalya Gallion, Alexis Guiza, Juan Gutierrez, Ashlie Holthouse, Victoria Howe, Katherine King, Adrianna McManus, Estefani Mendoza, Lyndsey Moore, Marcos Ocampo, Elizabeth Outman, Isabel Quistian, Eric Renteria, Anneliese Schlick, Star Travis, Talia Vlaovich, Taylor Wood