The State of California calls it “the degree with a guarantee.” The new associates degree programs created by the California Community Colleges, in partnership with California State Universities, are pre-approved for transfer with all units accepted. Gone is the guesswork in transferring. Also gone is the need to take courses ove again at the university AFTER transferring. When students complete these transfer degrees — called AA-T or AS-T — all classes taken during the first two years, that are part of the degree, will count.

In addition to the many other programs of study at Gavilan College, Gavilan College now offers multiple options to students seeking an Associates Degrees for Transfer. Students who earn an AA-T or AS-T degree and meet the California State University (CSU) minimum eligibility requirements are guaranteed admission to a CSU with upper division standing (although not necessarily to a particular campus or major).

Gavilan College now offers nine options
Administration of Justice (AS-T)
Art History (AA-T)
Communication Studies (AA-T)
Journalism (AA-T)
Kinesiology (AA-T)
Mathematics (AS-T)
Music (AA-T)
Studio Arts (AA-T)
Theater (AA-T)

These join the many other options for degrees at certificates students may choose from at Gavilan College.

A new associate of arts (AA) degree in Water Resources Management, a high-demand career field, has also been recently created.

For details about any of these degrees, speak to a Gavilan College counselor. Gavilan College summer classes begin June 10, and fall classes begin August 26. Open enrollment for summer and fall starts May 13.