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Hands-on Science in Preschool

Sacred Heart Parish School preschool students get a hands-on lesson in life science

There is a small incubator on the counter and, next to it, a large tub emitting soft cheeps. This isn’t a farm—it is Sacred Heart Parish School’s preschool class, where the students are taking a hands-on approach to science.

For the last month, Diane Miller and her students have been growing silkworms, moths, butterflies, and chicks for their life cycle science curriculum. The students were eager to tell me which caterpillar will turn into a moth and which into a butterfly. Last week, the class were able to release their butterflies. While the day was overcast and cool, they watched the butterflies fly to the side of the school to warm and harden their wings before flight.

Inside the classroom, the class have been eagerly awaiting the hatching of the chicks. The students incubated a dozen different eggs from white to blue to brown.

So far, four chicks, three different kinds, have hatched. Soon, the new chicks will be heading off to a farm to grow up, but in the meantime, the students are enjoying holding the chicks and watching them grow.


Erin Gonzalez is the Marketing and Development Director at Sacred Heart Parish School.