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Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital continues to treat patients during surge

Emergency director urges those needing emergency care not to delay seeking treatment. The hospital reported that COVID-19 patients account for approximately 30% of inpatient admissions.

Information provided by Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital.

In a Dec. 9 press release, Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital stated it has experienced a surge of ER patients over the past 10 days. Though the hospital is at 100% capacity on the medical/surgical and ICU units, it reported that it has been able to accommodate all pending admissions.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of seeking care in the case of a medical emergency,” said Dr. Michael Bogey, director of emergency and trauma medicine at the hospital. “Delaying care can worsen your condition and in some cases may lead to an adverse outcome.”

Hazel Hawkins reported that as of Dec. 9, five COVID-19 patients are admitted, with an additional two COVID-19 positive patients holding in the ER pending admission. The hospital census fluctuates daily and as patients are discharged, it is able to admit those holding in the ER, the release said.

Currently, COVID-19 patients account for approximately 30% of the hospital’s inpatient admissions. Other patients being admitted have other medical issues that require hospitalization.

The release noted that the hospital, in cooperation with San Benito County Public Health, has contingency surge plans and will activate them accordingly as the need arises.

BenitoLink Staff