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Hazel Hawkins sends loan request to county

The hospital says the funding would give it time to implement a restructuring plan.

Information provided by Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital


Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital (HHMH) announced it sent the San Benito County Board of Supervisors On Dec. 5 a request for $10 million in “bridge funding.”

“County funds would give HHMH sufficient time to implement a restructuring plan that would stabilize operations into the future through new affiliations or additional financing,” the release said. “The hospital’s main goal is making sure healthcare services continue without interruption.”

The Board of Supervisors are scheduled to receive a presentation from the hospital Dec. 13.

The hospital also said has reached out to the California State Treasurer’s office for a $3 million bridge loan.

“HHMH has also held meetings with state assembly members and state senators’ offices and advocacy meetings with the Association of California Healthcare Districts and California Hospital Association.”

The release said HHMH facilities provide emergency services, infant delivery, home health care, diabetes care, orthopedics, physical therapy, primary and specialty care, surgery, and skilled nursing, among other vital services.

It added last year, HHMH had 23,594 emergency department visits; 2,319 hospital admissions; 42,981 outpatient visits; 83,679 clinic visits; and 439 infant deliveries.

HHMH also said it had 745 employees and 41 active physicians on staff in 2021.

“Our community needs its hospital, emergency department, clinics, and skilled nursing facilities to stay open,” said interim CEO Mary Casillas. “The County’s main responsibility is to the health and safety of its citizens, so we’re asking for help as we work to resolve this crisis.”

On Nov. 4, the HHMH board passed a resolution declaring a fiscal emergency. It has until Dec. 31 to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

The hospital remains open delivering patient care at all of its locations. To find a doctor or health clinic, visit


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