Heat Advisory.jpg

The National Weather Serivce has issued a heat advisory for the Bay Area, including San Benito County as a ridge of high pressure is forecast to build over the West Coast through late week. This will result in daytime temperatures warming to 10 to 15 degrees above average on Thursday through Saturday under mostly sunny skies.

The advisory is in effect from noon Thursday through 9 p.m. Friday. Another round of "very warm weather" is possible on Saturday, the NWS said.

Temperatures will likely climb into the mid 80s to mid 90s near the coast and into the 90s to lower 100s by Friday. Persons sensitive to heat, such as the elderly and those on certain medications should plan accordingly and put a plan in place now to prepare for the upcoming hot weather. Anyone working outdoors or planning outdoor activities should drink plenty of fluids and schedule activities early or late in the day if possible.