Help Create Safe Streets

Survey: Frustrated on Nash/Tres Pinos/Sunnyslope Road and McCray Streets? Let us know what you think.

The Community is invited to Participate in a Survey to Help Create Safe Streets for Everyone in Hollister

Nash/Tres Pinos/Sunnyslope Road & McCray Streets


Your feedback is welcome. Please help us understand problems and identify solutions for a corridor study on Nash/Tres Pinos/Sunnyslope Road & McCray Streets. The City of Hollister and San Benito County Council of Governments received funds from Caltrans to prepare a Complete Streets Plan for Tres Pinos Road and McCray Street Complete Streets Corridor. Your participation in this survey will help with the preparation of the plan. Please use the English or Spanish survey links below.

What is a Complete Street? The term ‘complete streets’ reflects a newer national trend to ensure that public roads are designed and operated to function for all users including roadway users, pedestrians of all ages and abilities, bicyclists and public transit riders. The plan will also have an economic component and it will identify specific, feasible projects that reflect the community’s vision for transforming the two corridors in the City of Hollister into Complete Streets, which accommodate the needs of people walking, bicycling, taking transit or driving a car.

Will the Grant money be used to construct anything? No

Public Involvement: A community workshop was held in September and a second workshop will be scheduled in November and 2014. We hope you will participate in the workshops and/or complete the survey. If you wish to send a letter or discuss the study, please call Mary Paxton at 636-4316 or email [email protected] If you prefer to speak or write in Spanish please contact Maria Mendez at 636-4316 or email [email protected]


Mary Paxton

I have worked for local government for the past 23 years related to planning, redevelopment, housing and some economic development. I also became a Monterey Bay Master Gardener in 2012. I enjoy natural history, art, music and doing many things outside such as walking, riding a bicycle, and swimming.