Nov. 1, 2020 structure fires in downtown Hollister. Photo by John Chadwell.
Nov. 1, 2020 structure fires in downtown Hollister. Photo by John Chadwell.

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The Community Services and Facilities Element of the Hollister draft 2040 General Plan focuses on things of day-to-day importance to Hollister residents that they might take for granted.  

The plan, which serves as the blueprint for growth, breaks the areas of concern down into infrastructure planning, water supply and wastewater, stormwater drainage, solid waste management, parks and recreation, police and fire, schools, and libraries.

Within each area, the plan proposed policies and goals that aim to ensure critical services will be sustainable as the city continues to grow over the next two decades.

Provide an adequate level and maintenance of public services and facilities to ensure the continued health, education, welfare, and safety of all residents and businesses 

The plan calls for future growth to not create an excessive draw on the currently available resources and would require any new developments to identify its impacts and deny permits to any project that does not mitigate those impacts or contribute to local public services to keep them at acceptable levels. Any plans to annex or redesignate land for urban development would require the creation of a Community Facilities District to ensure that adequate funding was available to support all needed services in the new area.
It also calls for a review of development criteria for public services to guarantee that they are adequate, and the applicant will finance any costs necessary to add to existing services to maintain their current level for existing residents. Impact fees for public facilities would be regularly reviewed to be sure new developments pay their fair share.

Plan for adequate water and sewer facilities 

The plan calls for sewer collection systems to be examined for any deficiencies that might keep the city from guaranteeing sufficient service. Sewer and water facilities would be monitored to make sure they keep up with state and district standards. The document states the plan ensures that costs for new developments are borne by new customers only, rather than existing residents.
The plan calls for the consideration of a new sewage plant located outside the airport and the implementation of water conservation measures. New efficiency standards would be implemented both at existing developments and water treatment plants including landscaping water conservation programs and incentives for using recycled water.

Provide adequate stormwater facilities 

The plan calls for a review of existing drainage facilities to identify system improvements and continual monitoring of trouble areas. It would establish guidelines to protect areas susceptible to erosion or soil loss. Drainage channels and culverts would be inspected for accumulated sediments and cleared on a regular basis. Stormwater capture would be encouraged when cost-effective.

Ensure adequate and sustainable solid waste management that meets the existing and future needs of the city and reduces disposable waste over time 

The plan calls for the city to coordinate with San Benito County to address solid waste management and landfill capacity. Businesses and residential developments would be urged to recycle in compliance with state laws and the plan also encourages the city to support zero waste legislation including a reusable food ware ordinance. The plan sets the identification of new recycling opportunities and solid waste reduction programs as a  goal along with reducing litter and illegal dumping.

Provide for high-quality neighborhood and community parks to meet the recreational, open space, leisure and play needs of existing and future residents

The plan sets a goal of having five acres of parks and recreation areas for every 1,000 residents. New developments would either provide parkland or pay fees toward setting aside land. Implementing the 2018 Hollister Parks Facility Master Plan would be prioritized, and all new parks would be designed using the best practices outlined in that plan. Park access and services would be increased through recreational programs and promoted through public information campaigns. Funding would be developed to improve existing parks as well as create all-abilities playgrounds.

Provide adequate fire and police services to serve existing and new development

The plan calls for a policy of ensuring that the needs of new developments are not allowed to exceed the capacity of current police and fire safety services. Reviews of those services would be performed regularly. New developments would be required to negotiate with the Hollister Fire Department on mitigation prior to the issuing of building permits. That mitigation could result in the payment of impact fees for new fire equipment or protection facilities. The city’s Fire Protection Master Plan would be updated to take into account plans for the expansion of fire services including new facilities for the fire and police departments and additional fire stations near the airport and in southeastern areas of the city.

Support high-quality education for Hollister’s students

The plan suggests creating incentives such as reductions in development standards when a project voluntarily provides fees beyond their fair share for new school facilities. Joint planning would be done between local districts to determine locations for new schools. It suggests creating joint-use agreements between schools and local neighborhoods for access to campuses for recreational purposes. It also supports the San Benito County High School District’s efforts to build a new high school.

Support the provision of library services to meet the informational and educational needs of Hollister

The plan calls for maximizing public use of libraries to support youth and senior programs, job training, adult education and English as a second language programs. It also recommends seeking funding to expand library services within Hollister.

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