M.E.Ch.A Club members at their first Car Show. Photo by Adam Bell.
M.E.Ch.A Club members at their first Car Show. Photo by Adam Bell.

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Hollister High School M.E.Ch.A Club hosted its first Annual Car Show fundraiser Oct. 8 at Baler Alley. The event also included music, food and a photo booth. A kid booth was also included where people can color, apply temporary tattoos, color with chalk, play with bubbles and get stickers.

Club member Aliah Vargas told BenitoLink at the event that she did not know exactly how much money they had raised but was hopeful that it was over $2,000.

She added the funds will be used to organize a graduation for the club’s senior members who were “involved, inclusive and helpful.”

“We put on a graduation to show our appreciation to them,” Vargas said. “To send them off with a goodbye and to give them sashes so they can wear throughout their graduation to represent their culture and the club they represent.”

She said the club is planning to make this an annual event but it’s up to the returning members as several, including the club president, are graduating this school year.

Vargas said the club decided to do a car show because it represents their culture.

Photo by Adam Bell.
Photo by Adam Bell.

“Chicanos are well-known for low riders, classic cars and anything of the sorts, so we decided to put on this [event] to involve the community in something that the club is very passionate about,” she said. “We just wanted everyone to come out to show their cars, to show appreciation and love to the club because we put in a lot of hard work.”

Vargas said the club is open for all students to join.

“A lot of people stereotype [the club] as just for Mexicans but we are inclusive,” she said. “We include everybody regardless of race.”

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