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Hollister Police arrest suspect armed with a knife following attack on family members

Suspect hospitalized and facing several felony charges.

Information provided by Hollister Police Department 

In an Oct. 17 news release, Hollister Police said they arrested a man after he allegedly attacked someone with a mallet, attempted to stab a woman before stabbing himself several times.

The HPD release said, “On October 17, 2020 at about 12:45 pm, Officers were advised by SCR911 of a 911 call with an open line with several people yelling in the background.  As officers responded to the 100 block of College Street, SCR911 advised they could now hear someone screaming on the phone.  Dispatchers were able to finally get someone to pick up the phone at that location and they advised Fernando Sanchez (60) had attacked family members with a mallet.  He allegedly struck a 17-year-old juvenile in the head several times when she attempted to stop Sanchez from attacking her mother.”

The report said Sanchez armed himself with a kitchen knife and continued his attack.  Family members were able to barricade themselves in the home after Sanchez walked into the back yard.

Officers Theresa Aguilera and Pedro Torres arrived at the home and located Sanchez in the back yard actively stabbing himself on his chest and neck area.  They ordered Sanchez to drop the knife but he refused and continued to stab himself.

“Officers recognized the suicidal actions of Mr. Sanchez might lead to a situation where he may provoke an officer to shoot him,” the report said. HPD referred tot his as potentially being what HPD called a  “Suicide by Cop” circumstance.  “Officers attempted to deescalate the situation by keeping their distance from Sanchez and Sergeant Celano arrived on scene with the ‘Less than Lethal’ Kinetic energy impact launcher.” The report explained that the launcher is a shotgun loaded with rounds similar to small bean bags.

The report said that in an attempt to get the suspect to drop the knife, Sgt. Celano fired two rounds and both shots impacted Sanchez in his arms. He subsequently dropped the knife.

The release added that the officers quickly handcuffed Sanchez and rendered first aid.  Sanchez was bleeding profusely and nearby medics were able to stabilize and transport Sanchez to a nearby Trauma Hospital. The 17-year-old was also transported to the hospital for injuries sustained by Sanchez’ attack.

Police say Sanchez is currently being held for evaluation at the hospital and is undergoing surgery.  He faces several felony charges for assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.

BenitoLink Staff