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Hollister police clarify RV parking rules

Rule clarification designed to remove confusion over definition of active loading or unloading

The Hollister Police Department will modify its enforcement rules for recreational vehicle parking and storage by using the city's street parking ordinance for enforcement. Police chief David Westrick said the action is designed to alleviate confusion about how long a person has to unload their vehicle.

"The ordinance since passage has created a little confusion in regards to the wording ‘except when a person is actively loading or unloading the recreational vehicle or boat," Westrick said in a press release. "One person’s definition of actively load or unloading we've found; is entirely different from others. Additionally there were questions to the length of time a person could park their RV or boat on a public street during this process. To clarify this, we will use the public street parking ordinance for parking enforcement."

The ordinance reads: "No person shall abandon, park, store, leave, keep or maintain, or permit to be abandoned, parked, stored, left, kept or maintained, any recreational vehicle or boat upon any public right-of-way. No habitation or occupancy of the recreational vehicle or boat shall be allowed at any time that the recreational vehicle or boat is located on the public right-of-way except when a person is actively loading or unloading the recreational vehicle or boat. (Ord. 1091 § 2, 2012)"

The Hollister Police Department will use Hollister Municipal Code Ordinance 10.20.090 "Time limitation for parking on streets and alleys—Removal of vehicle," to define and make clear the subject of recreational vehicle parking and storage in Hollister. That ordinance reads: 

A. No person who owns, has possession, custody or control of any motor vehicle shall park such motor vehicle upon any street or alley for more than a consecutive period of seventy-two (72) hours. 

B. In the event a vehicle is parked or left standing upon a street or alley in excess of a consecutive period of seventy-two (72) hours, any member of the police department authorized by the chief of police may remove such vehicle from the street in the manner and subject to the requirements of the state Vehicle Code. (Prior code §§ 14-65, 14-66) 

People with questions or concerns can call the Hollister Police Department at (831) 636-4330.

BenitoLink Staff