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Hollister School District initiates Saturday Scholars

New program launched to boost reading and writing achievement.

Information provided by the Hollister School District.

The Hollister School District has announced the initiation of a new, student-centered program called ‘Saturday Scholars.” The program will begin on Saturday, Sept. 28 and is expected to serve more than 400 students each Saturday.

The district’s Board of Trustees have been advocating for programs like Saturday Scholars.

“We have a student-centered school board that wants to see our children improve their academic achievement,” said Superintendent Diego Ochoa. “As a group, they expect to see HSD implementing innovative programs to support academic achievement.”

The program will be initiated at four schools: Calaveras, RO Hardin, Sunnyslope, and Gablian Hills/HDLA. The school district sent letters home to families of second and third grade students, inviting them to register for Saturday Scholars by returning a signed parent form to their school’s main office.

Principal Ken Woods of Calaveras School said, “I’m excited for our kids because Saturday Scholars classes will help them improve their reading, writing, and language skills.”

The program will begin each Saturday at 8 a.m. with breakfast and include four hours of classroom time. Students will be assigned to classrooms based on grade levels and the day will end with a healthy school lunch.

Director of Educational Services Caroline Calero is working with Superintendent Ochoa to develop the curriculum and lessons for each Saturday.

“We are working to provide our teachers with strong, clear lesson plans for each Saturday Scholars session,” Calero said. “Kids will accelerate their reading and writing skills.”

The district expects to implement Saturday Scholars at all school sites by January 2020.

“We believe that many families will participate in Saturday Scholars because it will help their child academically,” Ochoa said. “Others will participate because their children love going to school, want to spend time with friends, and love their teachers. In addition, many will participate because our schools are safe places where children feel welcomed and supported.”

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