Photo courtesy of Hollister School District.
Photo courtesy of Hollister School District.

Information provided by the Hollister School District

The Hollister School District announced it received school supplies from Target stores in Hollister and Watsonville. The donation included backpacks, binders, calculators, glue sticks and pencils.

“Students and teachers had big smiles on their faces as they perused boxes of supplies at Hollister School District sites last week,” the Sept. 19 release said. 

The district said R.O. Hardin Elementary School Principal Lilia Espinoza accompanied staff members as they bagged up allotted supplies for distribution. 

“What I love about it is, it’s quality materials to count on for when we say, ‘Here’s a project for home.’ It’s done. We know they have the materials to do it,” Espinoza said. 

She added that some students’ families can’t afford such school supplies and noted many of her school’s parents are agriculture workers. 

“We try to provide items, or we limit what we ask them to do,” Espinoza said. “Opportunities like this help us so that we don’t have to ask them or to provide supplies.” 

The release said some schools such as R.O. Hardin organized their items in age-appropriate bags, while others put out the items on tables or in boxes for students to choose. 

“It’s been a real treat,” Espinoza said. “It’s Christmas in September.” 

The Watsonville Target supplies went to students at R.O. Hardin, Calaveras, Maze, Rancho San Justo and Sunnyslope schools, according to the release. It added the Hollister Target followed up by donating supplies to Rancho Santana School. 

At Sunnyslope Elementary School students picked out their desired supplies at the end of the school day on Sept. 15, while new teachers followed up by choosing their items shortly thereafter. 

Fifth-grade teacher Julie Fontaine noted how teachers often buy supplies out of their own pockets to help students whose families can’t afford them. 

“Most people spend a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars every year on their students because there is not a lot of money and a lot of students can’t afford to buy their own,” she said. “We have a lot of new teachers here who haven’t built up resources yet, so this is fantastic.” 

Patrisia Martinez, the district’s Coordinator of Migrant Programs and Community Schools Coordinator who helped to spearhead the efforts, said the district wanted to make sure students could pick items they need and like. The supplies at most sites were available for one hour, while remaining items will stay at respective schools for when they’re needed, she said. 

“The Hollister School District would like to sincerely thank Target for these generous donations and the district encourages other companies to partner in such efforts as well,” the release said. 

This article was submitted by the Hollister School District.