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HPD respond to over 750 incidents during the holiday weekend

Officers issued 26 administrative citations for illegal fireworks, 63 for traffic violations and made 13 arrests. 

Information provided by Hollister Police Department

On July 6 Hollister Police Department issued a statement saying, “Independence Day weekend was a busy time for public safety with 757 calls for service or self-initiated activity.”

The release said the police responded to numerous calls for service over the weekend including domestic violence calls, loud party calls, illegal fireworks calls and traffic incidents.

The 757 incidents included calls to 911, calls to the non-emergency lines, traffic car stops and other self-initiated activities. 55 police reports were taken with 63 traffic citations issued and 13 arrests.

Santa Cruz Regional 911 also received 159 reports of illegal fireworks. The police department contacted 40 individuals and issued 26 administrative citations for illegal fireworks. Several of those citations were assisted by the police drone that logged 22 flights over the weekend. Some of the administrative citations will be mailed to the property owners who either refused to come to the door or where the perpetrator was not cooperative or identified but was within the property boundaries of the home.

The release added that though some Hollister police officers were patrolling for illegal fireworks in unmarked vehicles many Hollister residents were sharing descriptions of the vehicles on social media in attempts of thwarting their efforts. There were reports of lookouts on street corners advising if police were in the area and many more were shooting off fireworks from their back yards and away from where they could be seen from the street. Many of the callers advised of illegal fireworks in the area but didn’t know exactly where they were coming from.

The Police Department added that it sympathizes with veterans who suffer with PTSD or who are otherwise affected by the constant bombardment. It also understands how badly some pets are affected by fireworks.

The Hollister Police Department is offering rewards of up to $1,000 for tips that lead to arrests for those involved with the sales of illegal fireworks.

The DUI Checkpoint was postponed on Sunday night due to the number of calls for service and staffing requirements.

Anyone wishing to provide an illegal firework sales tip for a reward can call WeTip at 800-78-CRIME.

BenitoLink Staff