Photo courtesy of HSD.
Photo courtesy of HSD.

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The Hollister School District wishes to thank Chief Reynoso and the Hollister Police Department (HPD) for assistance Friday, October 15, 2021, ensuring student and staff safety at Rancho San Justo Middle School in light of security concerns. At no point was there a credible threat on campus. In an abundance of caution, however, school administration, teachers and classified personnel responded to a potential threat on campus and kept students safe under a shelter-in-place procedure. 

Authorities confirmed the reported threat was not credible. For precaution, though, the campus was thoroughly checked. Afterward, students resumed their daily schedules.

On behalf of the Hollister School District, we would like to remind our community that we take student and staff safety very seriously. Any threat to campus safety will be investigated, and any necessary disciplinary actions will be taken if campus safety is breached. 

Our schools provide school-wide behavior expectations while implementing a caring culture. Our dedicated staff members implement positive behavior supports and interventions on a daily basis. Each school has at least one Social-Emotional Team member present on campus to provide social-emotional support to any student in need. Should your student need social-emotional support, please contact your school for more information. 

We encourage students to report all safety concerns to school staff, and to resist peer pressure to act irresponsibly. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Hollister Police Department and to maintaining safe school environments conducive to student learning. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Erika Sanchez


This article was submitted by the Hollister School District.