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Gifted basketball nets a win for SBHS

Balers beat Everett Alvarez Eagles 24-20.
San Benito player Anakin Srisavaththay poses with his mother Rattana Srisavaththy. Anakin was first to score at the April 11 game. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.
Pedro Dimas, Miquel Lopez and Corey Beck of Everett Alveraz High. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.
Gifted basketball player Domonic Leon and support student Nico Tapia. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.
Cheering on the home team. Go Balers! Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.

San Benito High School’s gifted basketball team took to the court on April 11 against Salinas’s Everett Alvarez High School and played to win. With the bleachers full of enthusiastic spectators and the gifted cheer team rooting them on, the Balers gave it their all.

Anakin Srisavaththay, who scored the first basket for SBHS, told BenitoLink he felt “great” about it. His mother Rattana Srisavaththay said she felt “wonderful and proud of him.”

Gifted sports teams at San Benito High School consist of special education students, coaches and support students. Support students work with the players during practice and at games. They guide the students as coaches, and they often aid with mobility and giving instructions.

Casandra Guerrero, SBHS speech therapist and special education program specialist, believes that all students should have the same opportunities.

“I want our students included in everything.” she said.

Guerrero is also an advisor for Circle of Friends, a group of SHBS students who work with special ed students in areas such as sports. Student Nico Tapia said he loved working with the basketball team and liked that they are given a chance.

“I love seeing the kids grow as people” he said.

Dominic Leon, a student Tapia worked closely with during the game, told BenitoLink he had a good time playing and was happy their team won.

After losing to San Benito 24-20, Everett Alvarez players Pedro Dimas and Miguel Lopez told BenitoLink they had a great time at the game and were glad they got to come to San Benito.

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