In Memoriam ~ Ernie Reyes, Jr. April 17, 1941 – February 1, 2014

Our dear friend Ernie was an inspiration to all who knew him.

Submitted by Mickie Solorio Luna on behalf of M.A.C.E., the Mexican-American Committee on Education that dedicated the evening program of the Cinco de Mayo 44th Annual Scholarship Dinner/Dance on May 3, 2014 to Mr. Reyes.

Our dear friend Ernie was an inspiration to all who knew him, especially the community that saw him prosper into the individual who successfully conquered success and prominence throughout the nation. Ernie began his life with humble beginnings, in a family with deep faith roots. He was known for taking life seriously and in his young life, took on leadership roles which would one day become profitable in his career and personal life.
Ernie, being the oldest child in his family, took responsibilities and challenges with a good sense approach. He could foresee the future required change, and he took the challenge to become involved in his community to assure change happened. His personal involvement created change and inspired people to become involved in various community undertakings because he knew that our community needed to build a leadership model for the younger generation to follow. This was one of the reasons Ernie became involved in the MACE Committee because by raising scholarship funds, we could assure this community that by helping to educate our student population, leaders were to be assured for future generations.
Ernie became a foundation in our community with his involvement in several organizations, with his talent of enthusiasm which inspired many to run for office and caused our elected officials to recognize that Ernie represented the needs and concerns of many and stood firm on the issues that needed to be addressed in order to conquer equality for all. Ernie was able to bring the community together and motivate everyone to set goals and work at achieving those goals. When he moved from this community, his foundation remained and today, many including the membership of MACE are thankful for the dream that he had for future generations of this community. That dream became a reality as MACE celebrates 44 years of success stories and one of those stores is about the impact Ernie Reyes had on so many lives, here in his hometown and throughout the nation.
To our friend Ernie Reyes, we say Thank you, Rest in Peace.

BenitoLink Staff