As a resident of San Benito County for 23 years, I have seen numerous young lives taken too soon!! Again, this week we lost another young life due to a heroin overdose living in a sober living environment. I personally went to the Board of Supervisors and City Council to address this issue and the need of a proper rehab in this community. Being in recovery myself, it isn't about relapsing and being kicked to the curb but it is ALL about love, acceptance and support. We (my Family) are currently supporting somebody on Prop 36 and this young man did slip and smoked marijuana with an old associate. He was so ashamed to tell me and all I could say to him was "that this time you pick yourself up and come back stronger"!! Most people will not get recovered the first time they try but to have a solid support system and people that still love you even when you slip is what's going to truly help those with addictions succeed. For those of you in the community that are not aware of theses statistics, HEROIN is hitting our children and young adults hard. Please lets find a way to work as a community to address this important issue.