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John Freeman seeking reelection to San Juan Bautista City Council

Freeman writes that he is running again to complete important projects such as improving the city drinking water and wastewater treatment system.

This article was contributed by San Juan Bautista Councilman John Freeman.

I am running again for San Juan Bautista City Council to complete important projects that I have started.

The most important project is our water projects, which include improving our drinking water and our wastewater treatment system. I want to make sure that the ball is not dropped in this critical project, which has happened several times in the past, to our city’s detriment.

My list of accomplishments is considerable. I authored the city’s Code of Ethics for our officials and led our council in adopting them, to improve transparency. I helped pass the Cannabis Tax for our city to improve our incredibly poor tax base. I championed the anti-plastics ban and non-smoking in exterior eating areas in San Juan Bautista restaurants. I introduced and passed a statute implementing a California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Act, allowing us to lower the price of bidding for construction projects.

I strive to make sure our council is active, and I guide us with a positive agenda. I want to continue to channel our city toward more prosperity, while also ensuring that it remains uniquely small and historic.

John Freeman