Photo courtesy of The Latino Coalition of SBC.

Information provided by The Latino Coalition of San Benito County

The Latino Coalition of San Benito County founded in 1988 and who has been active in various community issues for the past 36 years and who is known within our community, the state and with national agencies on the progress made in assuring equality and justice within the Latino communities local and nationwide.

It is a pleasure to inform our local community of the affiliation with our local Latino Coalition and with national Forward Latino organization which includes 29 other states on the prospects we now have by empowering our Latino community, inspiring, and engaging our fellow members and working together to strengthen democracy and improve the lives of local working families.

By our affiliation with Forward Latino it will benefit to have the privilege of participation with State and Federal agencies by receiving policy updates and contributing to the protection of the rights of all Latino individuals across the nation.

It is gratifying to know that Forward Latino recognizes and admires the commitment and
dedication of our Latino Coalition toward our community especially during challenging times.

The personal connections between Forward Latino and the Latino Coalition of San Benito
County, a rural grassroots organization adds a special touch reflecting the understanding of our local needs and our profound commitment to the youth, our college students and the entire community at large.

In our mutual mission statements of shared goals, it is with great honor that the Latino Coalition of San Benito County has been invited to attend the Latino Advocacy Days in Washington DC during October 4-6 which include attending a briefing at the White House, a luncheon at the Dirksen Senate building and visits to our Legislators on the second day of the Advocacy days.

A 10 member delegation of the Latino Coalition of San Benito County will be attending the
Advocacy days in Washington DC, a local delegation which include Mickie Luna, President,
Latino Coalition of San Benito County, along with State Senator Anna Caballero, Mary Vazquez Edge, Anitra Gomez, Carmen Montano, Mayor, City of Milpitas, Dr. Ahmad Rafii, JR de la Rosa, Michael Salinas, and Luis Chavez.

“We are proud that the Latino Coalition of San Benito County is a member affiliate and are
excited they will join us in our discussions at the White House and in the halls of Congress as we address key issues confronting our community.” – Darryl Morin, National President