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Efforts are underway to restart the annual Hollister Motorcycle Rally.

Clearly this event has benefited certain segments of rally goers. 100,000, or so, visitors have enjoyed it and demonstrated their enthusiasm by returning year after year. Local restaurants, bars and beer gardens obviously have cashed in on the huge surge in business. While we may have challenges tracking sales tax revenues, merchandise and especially t-shirt vendors, mostly out-of-town, have also pocketed good sales (just stand outside one of their tents for a few minutes and watch the goodies being hauled out.) Arguably, hundreds of law enforcement employees have logged in countless hours of rewarding but expensive duty pay. Over the years rally organizers have talked about benefitting the local nonprofit community but results have been relatively dismal. Understandably, many residents see it as too much noise and nuisance for no benefit.

The Hollister Motorcycle Rally really is unique in California with its legends, history and small town charm. Because of its undeniable draw, BenitoLink is asking: Is the Rally a valuable asset which offers a huge potential reward or a nuisance that isn’t worth the time and effort? The question shouldn’t just be “How do we make it work?” It should be “How do we take the fullest advantage of it?”

How do you suggest we turn the Hollister Motorcycle Rally into a Win-Win for our community? Connect with all of us and tell us what you think!