Letter carriers stamp out hunger

Nation's biggest food drive is Saturday, May 11.

This article was contributed by Mark Paxton with Community Foodbank.

Making a difference is only as far away as your mailbox this Saturday.

Local letter carriers are mounting their annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive set for Saturday, May 12. This is the 27th year that letter carriers nationwide have conducted what has become the largest one-day food drive in America. In 2018, the campaign resulted in 70 million pounds of food.

All San Benito County donations will go to Community FoodBank, so the food will address hunger in our own community. Just leave a bag or bags of nonperishable groceries next to your mailbox, and your carrier will take care of the rest!

So remember, America’s largest one-day food drive is Saturday, May 11. Help your letter carriers #StampOutHunger. For more information visit



Mark Paxton

I've been at this most of my life, and it still fascinates and challenges me. San Benito County can be a cruel mistress at times, but we can share in our love for her, even with all her quirks.