Photo courtesy of Elections Department.

Information provided by San Benito County Elections

The Elections Department of San Benito County is proud to announce its collaboration with local talented artist, Venecia Prudencio, and the San Benito County Arts Council. This exciting partnership has been made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Central Coast Creative Corps, which has allocated $140,000 to support the initiative. The primary aim of this venture is to bridge the gap between art and civic engagement, uniting creativity, and community to inspire positive change.

Venecia Prudencio, a celebrated artist known for her thought-provoking and socially resonant works, will be lending her creative talents through this unique grant opportunity. Her artistry will play a pivotal role in promoting a deeper connection between the community and the electoral process, and in turn, inspire citizens to actively participate in shaping the future of San Benito County.

The grant from the Central Coast Creative Corps represents a visionary approach to enhancing civic engagement and community empowerment. This investment is not only a testament to the significant impact of art in facilitating positive change but also an acknowledgment of the critical role the Elections Department plays in shaping the democratic processes within our community.
Venecia Prudencio’s artistic expertise will unfold in several exciting phases:

  1. Civic Engagement Artwork: Venecia will create a series of thought-provoking tangible
    artworks designed to encourage community members to get involved in the electoral
    process. Her creations will be displayed in public spaces, including community centers,
    and government buildings, to inspire citizens to take an active interest in local and
    national elections.
  2. Art and Voter Education: The Elections Department will organize informative events and
    workshops, featuring Venecia’s artwork as a central focus. These sessions will educate
    the public on the importance of voting and provide resources to help citizens become
    more informed and engaged voters.
  3. Collaborative Community Art Projects: Venecia will lead collaborative art projects that
    bring the community together to create artworks related to civic engagement and
    democracy. These projects, such as designing an “I Voted” sticker will provide a platform
    for residents to share their own perspectives on the electoral process.
  4. Art Exhibitions: The artist’s and community creations will be featured in public spaces, events and exhibitions to further enhance the visibility of the message and engage a wide audience in dialogue about civic participation.

  5. The collaboration between the Elections Department and Venecia Prudencio will result in an example of how the arts can bridge the gap between civic life and creativity. The combination of visual art, education, and community participation has the potential to ignite a powerful spark of civic engagement that will result in a more informed, involved, and active electorate throughout San Benito County. This initiative sets a new standard for civic engagement, proving that creativity and community can work hand in hand to build a stronger, more engaged, and better- informed county.

As the collaboration between the Elections Department and Venecia Prudencio unfolds, you are invited to participate throughout to captivate the imagination of our community and inspire a new era of active citizenship. Together, we can harness the power of art to strengthen our democracy and build a brighter future for San Benito County.