Local Non-Commercial Radio for San Benito County?

We are looking for people interested in creating a local, low powered, non-commercial radio station

Would you like to have your own radio program? Or help a friend with theirs?


This October, for two weeks, the Federal Communication Commission is opening up an opportunity for communities to apply for low-powered non-commercial licenses. The licenses are free, but there are costs associated with engineering the project and purchasing broadcasting equipment.


A partnership between Community Media Access Partnership, (CMAP) and BenitoLink, the online news and information hub which came out of the Vision Summit,  held in October of 2011, may make this station a reality.


CMAP and BenitoLink are exploring the possibility of creating a local radio presence to serve the needs of the community to hear about what is happening right here in San Benito County, but they must move quickly to determine if the interest is there in the community. The resources exist to build a tower and purchase a transmitter, but is there enough interest from the community to provide the kind of volunteer commitment required to staff and provide programming?


Organizations which apply to the FCC must pledge to provide at least 8 hours of programming each day.


There will be opportunities for those of you who have passions for certain types of music, topics you would like to discuss, or forums you would like to host. There might be news programs, programming in Spanish, programs focusing on teens, organizations, whatever you are willing to put time into.


This is a notification to any and all interested in participating in a local radio station to contact either Kathy Bisbee email [email protected], or Bob Reid [email protected]. Feel free to leave comments here, as well!




BenitoLink Staff