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The Hollister Low Power FM (LPFM) Committee will meet at 6 pm on Tuesday, July 22 at a location to be announced by Monday afternoon.

The project is an effort to establish a Low Power FM station in Hollister using a Federal Communications Commission license attained by CMAP (Community Media Access Partnership). The group is working on develop location, vision, contributors, funding, programming, and all the details needed to create and sustain a community-based radio program in Hollister. 

An application submitted by CMAP for a low-power FM radio license was approved by the FCC in February. The applicant has 18 months from that date to build a station and provide a minimum of 36 hours a week of local programming, with the possiblity of an 18-month extension.

For more information about the LPFM or the upcoming meeting, contact Committee Chair Rob Campbell at 831-245-5232.