Local students’ work rewarded at county fair

SBHS students, others showcased their talents at annual event

The annual San Benito County Fair was a celebration of local agriculture as well as a chance for San Benito High School students to showcase their talents. On Wednesday, all goat and market and showmen ship events were held. Thursday was dedicated to steer, and Friday was swine. Friday brought temperatures of 100 degrees but the kids were still showing and the crowd was lively and cheerful. John Bianchi and Avery Hubble had the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion hogs, respectively.

In the Advanced Showmanship class, Hollister resident and Notre Dame High school senior, Sarah Nino, placed first, at her last San Benito County Fair. Ireland Mcabee took second in this class that featured 25 other hogs and other 4-Her’s. In the Novice showman Ship class, Broc Barrett won second in his first year showing and raising a hog. “When I got pinned I thought I had lost, but once they said I won second I couldn’t have been happier. Even my pig was excited!” said Barrett, age 10.

Nino was in charge of this year’s Heritage Hog. This is the sixth year the Heritage Foundation has helped raise money for the fair due to lack of state funding. The Heritage Hog sold for $251 a pound, raising more than $72,000 to help keep the fair up and running. All the capital profit will go back into refurbishing the fair and keeping Bolado Park a wonderful place.

Nino said “It’s a wonderful experience, the connections you make with all the farmers and people involved are life-changing.” Now that her time with the Heritage Hog has come to an end a new upcoming senior will need to step up to the challenge and raise the most important hog in the fair.

Inside the fine arts room, the talent shown in all the entries was expressed through the photography, painting, and charcoal. The atmosphere inside the building was filled with a vintage spirit that further enhanced the experience.The art room is dedicated to Fay B. Kennedy, who was the co-founder of the County Fair Art Department.