Logues leave a legacy

The Logue family has been involved both athletically and academically at San Benito High School for many years.

There are a number of members from the Logue family that have contributed both academically and athletically at San Benito High School throughout the years.

Zach Logue plays a part in SBHS in numerous ways. He is a coach for the freshmen football and baseball teams. Academically, he teaches geometry and algebra. He was introduced to coaching at age 18 through a senior project in English. In this project, Zach was compelled to choose a career he might possibly be interested in when he is older, and that led to the profession he has today.

Veteran coach and teacher, Randy Logue, who helps home and hospital students in addition to teaching Freshman Academy classes at the high school, played a part in introducing Zach to SBHS. “They let me know there was an opening and I should apply,” said Zach, who noted his appreciation for his Uncle Randy by saying, “It’s nice to have someone close to talk about work.”

Knowing that the “Logue” name is well known among Hollister residents, Randy Logue’s only expectation for his daughters is that they “don’t dishonor the family name,” he said.

Senior Katie Logue and freshman, Amber Logue, both attend SBHS and their mom, Jennifer, was a longtime teacher, coach and administrator at SBHS before taking a job with the San Benito County Office of Education earlier this year. Living with the family name, many people might expect much out of the Logues athletically and academically. “I feel I have a reputation to uphold,” Amber said. 

Megan Kistner