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Love in the Time of Smartphones

SBHS Students reflect on how smartphones have changed the traditional Valentine's Day.

Editor's Note: Jennifer Lopez is a Junior Journalist with the BenitoLink Team and part of a project funded with a United Way grant. 

This fun survey at San Benito High School asked kids what they were up to this Valentines Day, and how they thought the holiday had changed since the introduction of modern technology. This small sample shows reoccurring themes among teenagers in their plans and opinions.

Survey Questions:

"What will you be doing this Valentine's Day?"

"What have you done for past Valentine’s Days?"

"In what ways do you think the traditional Valentine’s Day has changed since the introduction of the smartphone?"


Hailey A. Garay:

“I don’t have plans yet.”

“I wouldn't do anything. I would stay home and watch movies.”

“People still send cards, but they’re more likely to make a post on social media as opposed to doing the traditional things.”


Isaiah Cota:

“Be with my wife.”  (He's not actually married to Hailey)


“It’s more about spending quality time together, I remember getting a bunch of cards in elementary school.”


Carolina Fraire"

“Go to work.”

“Nothing special ever. It’s just a regular day.”

“Nobody really gives cards anymore, everyone just gives flowers.”


Vetzayda Mendoza:

“Hang out with friends.”

“I think I gave out presents to my friends.”

“I think it’s more superficial. People want to show off what they get on social media, before people would keep it to themselves.”


Elliot Ruiz:

“Nothing, really. [I would] Go to school and practice.”

“Not really anything. It’s just another day.”

“It hasn’t really changed. It’s just the same old same old.”


Jasmine Rosales and Jose Velarde:

“I’m going to practice,” says Rosales. “Me too,” Jose joins in. “I want to go to mass, but I don't know,” adds Jasmine.

“We’ve only had one Valentine’s day and that was the day of my game,” says Rosales. “But after that he brought me flowers and then a bear.”

“It’s less interactive,” says Jose. “Yeah. But then people can get to together and be like ‘oh let’s plan this’ you know?” says Jasmine. “Or if they can’t be together they can actually facetime or something.”


Kya Andrade

“I am going to finish school, go home, and do my homework.”

“I usually just stay home and watch movies with my family.”

“I think it’s changed a lot. I don’t think it’s as personal anymore; I think it’s more like you send a text message and means more than giving them flowers or something like that.”


BenitoLink Staff