Madison Andrade of San Juan Bautista wins livestock judging award

Placed first in hogs, second in sheep and goats.
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Information provided by Butler Community College.

When it comes to livestock judging, San Juan Bautista can now look to award winner Madison Andrade.

Andrade received awards at both the Flint Hills Mid-America Classic Livestock Judging Contest in Hutchinson, KS and the State Fair of Texas event in Dallas, according to a recent press release. She placed first for hogs at Flint Hills and second for sheep and goats in Texas. Andrade was part of the Butler Community College livestock judging team that won three contests.

Butler Community College’s champion sophomore team placed first in both Flint Hills and Texas. The college’s freshmen team placed first at the State Fair of Texas as well. In addition, the freshmen team came in third place at the Flint Hills event.

The scores for Flint Hills Mid-America Classic Livestock Judging Contest in Hutchinson, Kan.  are as follows:

  • Sophomores: Champion Team Overall, in Reasons, Cattle, Goats, Hogs and Sheep 
  • Freshman: Third Overall, 3rd Reasons, 4th Cattle, 3rd Sheep and Goats 

The Scores for the State of Texas Fair in Dallas are as follows:

  • Champion Sophomore Team, Champion Freshmen Team.
  • Sophomore: 1st Overall, 2nd Reasons, 2nd Cattle, 3rd Sheep and Goats
  • Freshmen: 1st Overall, 2nd Reasons, 2nd Cattle, 2nd Hogs, 1st Sheep/ Goats

Individual Awards:

Mayflower, AK

  •  Sarah Allbritton- 4th Overall, 5th Reasons, 10th Cattle, 4th Sheep/ Goats (Flint Hills)

Amherst, CO

  • Austin Vieselmeyer – 3rd Overall, 10th Reasons, 2nd Cattle, 9th Sheep/ Goats – (Flint Hills)

Manzanola, CO

  • Jakob Juul- 2nd Reasons (Texas) & 6th Overall, 6th Reasons, 1st Sheep and goats (Flint Hills)

Nipomo, CA

  • Conner Vernon- 1st Sheep and Goats (Texas)
  • Erica Bowles- 6th Hogs (Flint Hills) & 9th Reasons (Texas)

San Juan Bautista, CA

  • Madison Andrade -1st Hogs (Flint Hills) & Madison Andrade- 2nd Sheep and Goats (Texas)

Carnesville, GA

  • Daniel Dobbs- 2nd Overall, 9th Reasons, 5th Hogs, 1st Sheep/ Goats (Flint Hills) & 8th Overall, 8th Sheep/ Goats (Texas)

Commerce, GA

  • Cameron Watts- 7th Overall, 2nd Hogs (Texas)

Wilkinson, IN

  • Evan Witte- 6th Overall, 4th Reasons (Flint Hills) & 10th Reasons, 10th Cattle (Texas)

Fort Scott, KS

  • Kolby Seested- 6th Overall, 10th Cattle (Texas)

Princeton, KS.

  • Chad Hibdon- 5th Overall, 4th Reasons, 6th Cattle, 9th Sheep/ Goats (Texas)

Nevada, MO

  • Skyler Scotten- 1st overall, 1st Reasons, 3rd Cattle, 2nd Sheep/ Goats (Flint Hills) & 9th Overall, 4th Cattle (Texas)

Culver, OR

  • Brandt Downing- 1st Overall, 4th Reasons, 1st hogs, 6th Sheep/ Goats (Texas)

Inwood, WV

  • Frank Burner- 6th Hogs (Texas)

Butler Community College’s Livestock Judging Team and coach are back-to-back national champions, the press release said. During the past decade, there has only been one other coach to be awarded team of the year in back-to-back seasons.



BenitoLink Staff