“Make a Difference Monday” is a new event happening on the San Benito High School campus in which the first day of the school week is devoted to putting smiles on people’s faces or making someone’s day better by a small act of kindness and to make everyone in the school feel happier.

The founders of “Make a Difference Monday” are seniors Frankie Sanchez, Jesse Vallejo, and Jose Mariscal.  Vallejo said, “We wanted to create a positive atmosphere where everybody is comfortable, friendly, and would strive to help others.  We started out small with our school but thought why set a limit on something that can be universal.”

Many students have participated in “Make a Difference Monday” throughout the year and have chosen to make someone’s day brighter. In January, for example, students put clothespins with positive sayings like ‘You make me smile’ or ‘you are beautiful’ onto their fellow students’ backpacks or jackets. 

Senior Kelsie Grow said, “I really love the whole pinning the clothespin on random people because they have random little sayings like ‘you are worth it’. It just puts a smile on your face and makes your day because you know that someone at this school thinks you matter.”

Senior Kristen Callanta said, “My friends have made a difference in my life. They are always there for me when I am down and when they do random acts of kindness like a compliment, it makes my day better.”

Senior Tanner Smallwood said that while not all students participate in “Make a Difference Monday,” he believes the effort will last beyond this school year  “because the campus has become a much more positive place.”