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Master gardeners host rose care workshop in SJB

Students get down and dirty at Plaza Hall.



Dawn Avery and instructing students. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.
Dawn Avery and instructing students. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.

Budding gardeners and florists gathered Jan. 26 in San Juan Bautista for a workshop on rose care.

Members of the UC Master Gardeners of Monterey Bayinstructed 18 students at Plaza Hall in San Juan Bautista State Historic Park. Topics covered best pruning practices and pest control.

“I like roses, they are one of my favorite flowers and I live on sand,” said attendee Dixie Eisenhauer, who drove up from Marina. “It takes everything I can learn to make them flourish.”

Class leader Dawn Avery demonstrated the equipment needed to prune roses. She stressed the importance of cleaning tools used on different plants to prevent the spread of disease.

Rose in Zanetta Garden. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.
Rose in Zanetta Garden. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.

A slideshow presentation offered instructions and pictures indicating where on the plant to prune, how and why to cut off suckers (offshoots), water, mulch and fertilizer needs, and dealing with common pests.

After the presentation, students left Plaza Hall and headed out into the gardens. They pruned roses and were instructed on dealing with black spot and powdery mildew.

More classes led by UC Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay are scheduled for 2019, including:

  • Bee Gardening (March)
  • Bee Basics (April)
  • Succulents (July/August)

Classes are scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon on the first Saturday of the month. For more information, visit the UC Master Gardeners of Monterey and Santa Cruz website.

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