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Music Review: Speak Low If You Speak Love

Upcoming artist Ryan Scott Graham begins his new project

Ryan Scott Graham is the bass player and backup vocalist for the band State Champs and previously was the guitarist of the band Good Luck Varsity. However, he is now making his own name for himself with the project “Speak Low If You Speak Love.”

Graham was signed to Pure Noise Records on Dec. 2014 as SLIYSL. He has self-released three albums under SLIYSL: "Sad to Say" in 2011, "NB/SLIYSL" in 2013, and "Everything But What You Need" in 2013. Pure Noise Records is going to be re-releasing “Everything But What You Need” this year. Graham will be touring the East Coast with “Pentimento” and “Like Pacific” on the A Loss For Words tour this spring.

Graham’s music is on the website and app Bandcamp, where users have the option to help support the artist by donating to them or simply to just listen to their music. User Lauren Hunter commented on one of his albums: “It has a really nice nostalgic kind of feel to it that makes it kind of bittersweet.”

Graham has a unique style. His music is classified as Indie Rock but he gives his acoustic music a different twist than what many other artists have done. Graham is honest and truthful in his lyrics. He sings openly about breakups, life and personal struggles, and friendships.

Bandcamp user Lauren Hunter commented that the lyrics “make me feel a bit of despair and sadness but the calm acoustic sound makes me feel happy.” Bandcamp user Steven Smith comments on Graham’s songs by saying, “If a song can bum you out and make you feel good at the same time, then that’s a win for me.”

Graham is able to connect with his listeners and give them a taste of who he is.

Caitie Gonzalez