New Chef’s Club on Campus

A new club is cooking on campus this year for aspiring chefs. One of the Chefs Club’s members, senior Junior Rodriguez, said, “I want to learn what it takes to become a chef.”

The club is designed for students who want to learn about the restaurant industry, not just those who want to simply learn to cook.

The club advisor is the new cooking class teacher, Julie Carriere, who said she created the club because, “I had a bunch of students who wanted to learn about becoming chefs.”

“When students think of a cooking club they think about food and eating it,” said Carriere. “That’s why this is not a cooking club but a chef’s club.”

Kylie Lawson said the club will help students who are “looking into colleges who help you become a chef.”

The Chef’s Club meets every Tuesday at lunch in Room 220.

Saul Martinez