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The next step in the re-striping of San Benito Street through downtown Hollister is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 25, between Third and Hawkins streets, according to David Rubcic, the city's interim engineering manager/city engineer.

In a letter sent to various constituencies, Rubcic said complete closure of San Benito Street will not be necessary during next week's work, which will include the installation of new traffic control signage — including a permanent red-flashing traffic signal at San Benito and Fifth streets, making that intersection a four-way stop. Rubic said that "at a later date to be determined, if the all-way stop is successful, the traffic signal will be removed. Otherwise, the signal may be turned back on."

The upcoming roadwork will have the contractor start striping the center of San Benito Street downtown "and complete as much as they can," Rubcic said. "On Tuesday and continuing through Wednesday, they will be completing the parking stalls. These stalls will be parallel and constructed at a standard length."

Temporary "no parking" signs have been placed along San Benito Street do prevent cars from parking in the work areas, which are expected to be completed by the end of next week.

Rubcic said questions can be directed to him by email at